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Privacy Policy

O-OKA Trading recognizes that the handling of person information regarding our customers, suppliers and business partners as well as our executives and employees is an important socially responsibility. Therefore, in order to enforce an appropriate protection of personal information we hereby declare our basic privacy policy as follow and we shall enforce, maintain and improve our activity throughout the company.

  1. O-OKA Trading shall clarify the purpose, limit the extent of collection, usage and disclosure of personal information and handle carefully.
  2. O-OKA Trading shall continuously provide an appropriate safety measurement towards the risk of loss, leakage, destruction and modification of personal information as well as unauthorized access. O-OKA shall also improve our security towards the personal information.
  3. O-OKA Trading shall comply with the law of protection of personal information as well as relevant regulations.
  4. O-OKA Trading shall continuously and timely review and improve its policy and control system of security towards the personal information and such policy shall be known and implemented by all employees and improve its awareness.
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O-OKA Trading will make all employees aware of this policy, and strive to educate and enlighten each employee and to raise awareness of protection of personal information.

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